Wu Ji Dao Ren

Wu Ji Dao Ren

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Platforms: Windows / PS4 / XBOX ONE / Switch

A Chinese Kung fu game with physics-based locomotion and Chinese water-ink landscape painting art style.

An old-school kung fu story that punishes and eliminates evil, and evil does not suppress justice.

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  • Physics-based Locomotion
  • Kungfu action game
  • Chinese water-ink landscape painting
  • Classical novel



"Wu ji dao ren" is a physics-based kung fu game with Chinese water-ink painting art style.
Does anyone like me have been watching kung fu movies since childhood, reading Jin Yong and Gulong‘s noval, dreaming that to self become a heroes in Jianghu.
Does the kung fu world in everyone’s mind are the same as I imagined?

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[Game Background]

The way of heaven is damaged but not enough; the way of man is not damaged enough to make up. —— "Tao De Jing"

It coincides with the troubled times, a gang of bandit occupy the mountain as the king, bring lawless, and chaos to the country. One day, a Taoist suddenly appeared, using his own comprehension, a peculiar kung fu unprecedented in the world, to eradicate this gang of bullies alone.


I have been trying various combat experiences before, and finally chose the physics-based combat system. Because I think that only through the physical simulation can fully represent the ideas of traditional Chinese martial arts. such as dismantling and breaking tricks, letting nature take its course, and leveraging strength of opponents.

Like Bruce lee said to become like water. What's difference between kungfu and other martial art is it's tend to adapt with the the situations. Change yourself with the change of world. Which derived from ancient Chinese philosophy.

If use traditional key frame animation, both the difficulty of production and the perception of visual expressiveness are one level worse.

云手(Cloud hand) is appear in many kung fu routines, of course the most famous is the Taijiquan. It is a technology that can control and attack the opponent by influencing or suppressing the opponent's center of mass while blocking the attack. Its unique offensive and defensive concept and changeable usage made me choose it as the main gameplay.

In addition, I will try to represent the various of martial arts moves in the game as much as possible.

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[Art style]

Because the story is about Chinese kung fu, so I chose the Chinese water-ink painting for granted. In the beginning, I just imitated the feeling of Chinese water-ink painting. But with the learning and understanding of traditional Chinese painting during the development, I learned a lot of painting techniques and the aesthetics of Chinese painting, and also allowed me to re-examine the art style of the game. So in the middle of development, I decided to overthrow it and start over and recreated all new assets and effects in the style of traditional Chinese water-ink landscape painting. At the same time, I also hope that through this game, more people can get interest on traditional Chinese water-ink painting and aesthetics.

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The feeling of imitating in the early days


Reference to the style of traditional Chinese water-ink landscape painting

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The 白描 effect when I just finished the outline stroke, feels pretty good, and I was think to just use like this.
After thinking about it, I decide to still referred to the complete water-ink landscape painting effect.

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Some  progress will be posted in here and Bilibili, twitter.

Technical articles will be posted on Zhihu.

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