ClayCoffee posted a blog: [冒险者Weekly]第二刊 2019-01-31

ClayCoffee has upgraded to grade: 3 2019-01-31

ClayCoffee posted a blog: [冒险者Weekly]第二刊 2019-01-22

ClayCoffee updated the game: 冒险者: detailed information 2019-01-15

ClayCoffee posted a blog: [冒险者]游戏截图 2019-01-13

ClayCoffee updated the game: 冒险者: development progress 3% 2019-01-13

ClayCoffee achieved: Indie Developer 2019-01-13

ClayCoffee released a new game: 冒险者 2019-01-13

ClayCoffee achieved: Newcomer 2019-01-13

ClayCoffee has upgraded to grade: 2 2019-01-13

ClayCoffee 's review on DomiCard @ NovaPress was accepted. 2019-01-06

ClayCoffee 's review on 梦三英雄传 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2018-10-17

ClayCoffee 's review on 执行人 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2018-10-14

ClayCoffee liked user's game: 狗酱 2018-10-14

ClayCoffee joined group: RpgEra 2018-10-14

ClayCoffee updated verification: rmmv开发者、酷Q插件开发者 2018-10-10

ClayCoffee was verified as: rmmv开发者 2018-10-08

ClayCoffee followed: Zirbry Studio Smart Game 2018-10-04

ClayCoffee 's review on 这不是个跳跃游戏 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2018-10-03

ClayCoffee 's review on 苍夜 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2018-10-03

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