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xwk6661 's review on 沉浮 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2020-03-20

xwk6661 's review on 这不是个跳跃游戏 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2019-08-21

xwk6661 's review on 无尽之路 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2018-02-19

xwk6661 's review on 六耳猕猴 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2018-02-07

xwk6661 achieved: Newcomer 2018-01-23

xwk6661 has upgraded to grade: 2 2018-01-23

xwk6661 followed: NelaSystem 2017-10-26

xwk6661 liked user's game: Distrust 2017-08-24

xwk6661 upgraded your membership 2017-08-23

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