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裂变工作室(Fission Studio) (Dev / Studio)

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少寒-Yallow commented 模型/音乐[接外包] in group: 综合讨论组 2020-05-23

少寒-Yallow posted new topic in group: 综合讨论组 - 模型/音乐[接外包] 2020-05-22

少寒-Yallow joined group: 综合讨论组 2020-05-03

少寒-Yallow posted a blog: 【免费素材—BGM】鹿林 2020-01-31

少寒-Yallow has upgraded to grade: 3 2019-12-11

少寒-Yallow posted a blog: 【免费素材—BGM】EDMMM 2019-12-11

少寒-Yallow posted a blog: 【免费素材—BGM】小烟 2019-12-01

少寒-Yallow liked user blog: 《戴森球计划》的诞生! 2019-11-14

少寒-Yallow was verified as: 裂变工作室(Fission Studio) 2019-07-26

少寒-Yallow updated the game: 一无所有: title 2019-07-25

少寒-Yallow liked user's game: 一无所有 2019-07-25

少寒-Yallow made a comment on a user game: 一无所有 2019-05-01

少寒-Yallow achieved: Indie Developer 2019-04-30

少寒-Yallow released a new game: 一无所有 2019-04-30

少寒-Yallow achieved: Newcomer 2019-04-30

少寒-Yallow has upgraded to grade: 2 2019-04-30

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