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ErivRan made a comment on a user game: 了不起的修仙模拟器 2018-09-12

ErivRan joined group: indienova GameDB 测试小组 2017-11-20

ErivRan 's review on 布林机 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2017-09-24

ErivRan liked user blog: indienova 投稿指南 2017-09-01

ErivRan invited: Erin 2017-07-04

ErivRan achieved: Invitation 2017-07-04

ErivRan achieved: Newcomer 2017-07-04

ErivRan has upgraded to grade: 2 2017-07-04

ErivRan 's review on 费尔堡 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2017-07-02

ErivRan 's review on 画之谜 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2017-06-20

ErivRan posted a blog: 画之谜(Draw Puzzle)试玩repo 2017-06-13

ErivRan followed: 游戏打折情报 2017-03-09

ErivRan saved article: 概率与游戏:伤害检定 2017-01-02

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