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JiAn followed: 刘美工 2018-07-15

JiAn updated the game: 大宇宙时代: development progress 10% 2018-07-09

JiAn followed: 流贾君 2018-07-07

JiAn followed: potion 2018-07-07

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JiAn posted a blog: 区块链沙盒网游 2018-07-07

JiAn updated the game: 大宇宙时代: detailed information 2018-06-24

JiAn achieved: Indie Developer 2018-06-24

JiAn released a new game: 大宇宙时代 2018-06-24

JiAn achieved: Newcomer 2018-06-24

JiAn has upgraded to grade: 2 2018-06-24

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