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Flash独游开发,《纯白枪骑兵》《纯白星原》作者 (Dev / Studio)

Last Activity

phixcat updated the game: 纯白星原: development progress 100% 2023-05-15

phixcat has upgraded to grade: 3 2019-08-28

phixcat joined group: Steam 2019-06-15

phixcat was verified as: Flash独游开发,《纯白枪骑兵》《纯白星原》作者 2018-11-12

phixcat achieved: Indie Developer 2018-11-12

phixcat released a new game: 纯白星原 2018-11-12

phixcat achieved: Newcomer 2018-11-12

phixcat has upgraded to grade: 2 2018-11-12

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