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《Zasa —— 空间思维极限之旅》开发团队 (Dev / Studio)

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rainssong made a comment on a blog: 任意门工作室薪资事件的另一种可能性 2018-05-18

rainssong made a comment on an article: 借着《荒野之息》聊聊《金庸群侠传》 2017-07-22

rainssong achieved: Newcomer 2017-05-06

rainssong has upgraded to grade: 2 2017-05-06

rainssong commented 汇总一波 in group: Ludum Dare 2016-12-14

rainssong was verified as: 《Zasa —— 空间思维极限之旅》开发团队 2016-11-23

rainssong achieved: Indie Developer 2015-11-09

rainssong released a new game: Zasa —— 空间思维极限之旅 2015-11-09

rainssong followed: HumbleRay 2015-11-04

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