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《潜艇》开发团队 (Dev / Studio)

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followed: isyume 2021-01-05

has upgraded to grade: 3 2019-11-28

followed: V6.47 2018-08-30

followed: rayriver 2018-08-24

commented LD42 做了个挤公交模拟器 in group: Ludum Dare 2018-08-20

commented LD42#No disk space 硬盘空间不足 in group: Ludum Dare 2018-08-15

followed: 墨染胧月夜 2018-08-14

posted new topic in group: Ludum Dare - LD42 做了个挤公交模拟器 2018-08-13

made a comment on an article: 来看看我们的朋友们在这次 Ludum Dare 41 中的作品 2018-04-24

posted new topic in group: Ludum Dare - LD41 做了个回合制打飞机 2018-04-24

joined group: Ludum Dare 2018-04-24

was verified as: 《潜艇》开发团队 2017-05-16

updated the game: 潜艇: detailed information 2017-01-23

achieved: Indie Developer 2017-01-23

released a new game: 潜艇 2017-01-23

achieved: Newcomer 2017-01-23

has upgraded to grade: 2 2017-01-23

followed: Wxzuir 2016-10-09

joined group: #1GAM 2016-09-20

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