Spike updated the game: 骑士派对: preview image 2024-01-26

Spike achieved: Indie Developer 2024-01-16

Spike released a new game: 骑士派对 2024-01-16

Spike has upgraded to grade: 3 2024-01-16

Spike posted a blog: 开发日志1 2023-06-06

Spike saved article: 斯金纳箱式游戏 2021-12-17

Spike liked article: 斯金纳箱式游戏 2021-12-17

Spike saved article: 情绪:游戏代入感 2021-09-13

Spike liked article: 情绪:游戏代入感 2021-09-13

Spike achieved: Newcomer 2020-10-19

Spike has upgraded to grade: 2 2020-10-19

Spike saved article: 浅谈沉浸式 UI 2020-07-28

Spike liked article: 浅谈沉浸式 UI 2020-07-28

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