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Typoman Interview With Bilal Chbib, Brainseed

An interview about their team and the game.

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Replica Interview with Somi

An interview abaut him and his third project Replica.

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Interview with Indie Game Developer Moniem

Moniem is a developer with passion. Without much rest after the last game, he continues to work on another project. I wish him all the best in the future.

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Visuals In Interactive Music-For Video Games

In this study, music technology in the video game industry and the theory of synesthesia are used to explore an intuitional approach to improvisation.

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The Rise of Indies, the Cosmopolitanism in Games' Arts

Nowadays, the concept of cosmopolitanism has raised great concerns from media scholars.

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On Fallout Shelter

From my first impression, the gameplay mechanism of Fallout Shelter is largely reminiscent of an indie Japanese game Unholy Heights.

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