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xin created group: 海口游戏制作 2023-05-15

xin joined group: 海南游戏设计 2023-04-10

xin joined group: 仙侠玄幻华夏风开发 2023-02-06

xin commented 车载游戏团队 招小伙伴 in group: 综合讨论组 2022-10-10

xin has upgraded to grade: 3 2022-09-22

xin commented 找个程序合作 in group: 综合讨论组 2022-09-22

xin posted new topic in group: 成都独立游戏开发 - c++服务器 + unity MMO框架 2021-03-09

xin posted a blog: 服务器+unity MMO框架 2021-03-09

xin posted a blog: 环境搭建完成 2021-02-26

xin liked group post: 文字类CRPG,寻找合作者(北京) 2021-02-22

xin joined group: 石家庄独立游戏开发小分队 2020-11-16

xin liked group post: 好的故事应该能打动人心 2020-10-24

xin commented 开个剑客模式 in group: 大江湖·苍龙与白鸟 2020-10-22

xin joined group: 大江湖·苍龙与白鸟 2020-10-21

xin joined group: 成都独立游戏开发 2020-09-18

xin achieved: Indie Developer 2020-09-18

xin released a new game: demo 2020-09-18

xin achieved: Newcomer 2020-09-18

xin has upgraded to grade: 2 2020-09-18

xin followed: indienova 2020-09-18

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