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独立游戏玩家 (Youtuber / KOL)

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LuckyDoge liked user blog: ipix中文像素字体的制作 2020-03-18

LuckyDoge liked user's game: 罗曼圣诞探案集 2020-02-18

LuckyDoge achieved: Newcomer 2020-02-18

LuckyDoge has upgraded to grade: 2 2020-02-18

LuckyDoge 's review on 无尽之路 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2018-03-13

LuckyDoge 's review on Fisk @ NovaPress was accepted. 2018-02-21

LuckyDoge 's review on 这不是个跳跃游戏 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2018-02-01

LuckyDoge 's review on 六耳猕猴 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2018-01-01

LuckyDoge 's review on 全金属对决 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2017-12-07

LuckyDoge 's review on 文字狱 Text Wormhole @ NovaPress was accepted. 2017-10-22

LuckyDoge 's review on 回音倒影 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2017-06-12

LuckyDoge was verified as: 独立游戏玩家 2017-05-27

LuckyDoge was verified as: 独立游戏玩家 2017-05-27

LuckyDoge redeemed a Steam key Octodad: Dadliest Catch. 2016-08-30

LuckyDoge was rewarded with Steam key exchange. Total: 1 2016-08-30

LuckyDoge joined group: 综合讨论组 2016-08-16

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