ZerothShell joined group: 综合讨论组 2020-05-29

ZerothShell liked user's game: 星之海的阿斯特莉娅 2020-05-13

ZerothShell followed: SK机械的圣地 2020-03-20

ZerothShell liked user's game: 几何竞技场 2020-03-13

ZerothShell followed: 011 Games 2020-03-13

ZerothShell updated the game: 星之海的阿斯特莉娅: videos 2020-03-11

ZerothShell achieved: Indie Developer 2020-01-24

ZerothShell released a new game: 星之海的阿斯特莉娅 2020-01-24

ZerothShell achieved: Newcomer 2020-01-24

ZerothShell has upgraded to grade: 2 2020-01-24

ZerothShell followed: indienova 2020-01-22

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