WEIRDO 's review on Hit Zero: Chronos @ NovaPress was accepted. 2020-06-24

WEIRDO 's review on Blink 相機 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2020-05-18

WEIRDO has upgraded to grade: 3 2020-05-16

WEIRDO followed: 游戏发现 2020-05-13

WEIRDO posted new topic in group: Steam - 如何写一篇好的游戏评测? 2020-05-06

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WEIRDO posted a blog: 《汐》游戏推荐 2020-04-13

WEIRDO followed: 橘喵喵 2020-04-12

WEIRDO 's review on 她3 : 复乐园之曦 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2020-04-12

WEIRDO 's review on 幸存者:星星之火 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2020-04-08

WEIRDO liked user blog: 如何写一篇好的游戏评测? 2020-03-29

WEIRDO posted a blog: 浅谈游戏,关于我的心得 2020-03-29

WEIRDO 's review on 开物天工 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2020-03-20

WEIRDO posted a blog: 如何写一篇好的游戏评测? 2020-03-20

WEIRDO liked user's game: 小学生的作品 2020-03-10

WEIRDO liked user's game: 回门 2020-03-10

WEIRDO liked user's game: 剑斗士 2020-03-10

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WEIRDO 's review on 沉浮 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2020-03-03

WEIRDO 's review on 卡库远古封印 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2020-02-28

WEIRDO 's review on 杀手闪先生 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2020-02-23

WEIRDO followed: 做不来游戏工作室 2020-02-15

WEIRDO made a comment on a user game: 女主播经纪公司 2020-02-15

WEIRDO liked user's game: 女主播经纪公司 2020-02-15

WEIRDO achieved: Newcomer 2020-02-15

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