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网易UP漠如雪啊,Steam网易Up鉴赏组成员,UP精英鉴赏家 (Youtuber / KOL)

indienova 撰稿人 (Writer)

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BINGO&漠如雪啊 joined group: 游戏古登堡计划 2018-10-15

BINGO&漠如雪啊 made a comment on a user game: 太吾绘卷 2018-09-18

BINGO&漠如雪啊 's review on 暴走熊孩 @ NovaPress was accepted. 2018-09-04

BINGO&漠如雪啊 liked user blog: 新手指南-孤舟或重生 2018-08-19

BINGO&漠如雪啊 achieved: Author 2018-08-05

BINGO&漠如雪啊 was verified as: indienova 撰稿人 2018-08-05

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BINGO&漠如雪啊 was verified as: 网易UP漠如雪啊,Steam网易Up鉴赏组成员,UP精英鉴赏家 2018-08-04

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