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pencik updated the game: 反击: logo image 2019-05-19

pencik updated the game: 反击: title 2019-04-02

pencik saved article: 更多游戏美术作品集范例 2019-03-19

pencik saved article: 47 个游戏化元素介绍 2017-12-26

pencik updated the game: 自作自受: logo image 2017-12-12

pencik achieved: Indie Developer 2017-12-12

pencik released a new game: 自作自受 2017-12-12

pencik achieved: Newcomer 2017-12-12

pencik has upgraded to grade: 2 2017-12-12

pencik made a comment on a blog: 将打飞机和打砖块结合起来的游戏 2017-10-07

pencik saved article: 游戏之中的心理学研究应用 2016-06-23

pencik followed: ayame9joe 2016-06-23

pencik followed: Humble Ray 2016-06-19

pencik followed: eastecho 2016-06-19

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