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Pom followed: ayame 2023-09-24

Pom posted a blog: 思考理所当然的动作 2023-09-24

Pom achieved: Indie Developer 2023-09-24

Pom released a new game: 去公园 2023-09-24

Pom achieved: Newcomer 2023-09-24

Pom has upgraded to grade: 2 2023-09-24

Pom followed: IGDSHARE.ORG 2022-03-26

Pom joined group: 视觉小说 FAQ 2022-03-26

Pom joined group: 上海独立游戏 2022-03-26

Pom followed: LeeTGame 2022-03-26

Pom followed: GWB-腾讯独立游戏孵化器 2022-03-26

Pom followed: 叶梓涛 2021-10-20

Pom followed: indienova 2021-10-20

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