Egg achieved: GameDB 早期测试 2018-06-03

Egg contributed to game: Tropico 5(海岛大亨5) with:封面图片 2018-05-20

Egg contributed to game: Sleep Tight(安眠) with:游戏截图 2018-05-19

Egg liked user blog: Spelunky关卡生成 2018-03-19

Egg liked article: Esther的游戏手札:#51~55 2018-03-19

Egg liked article: 从自私的基因到电子游戏 2018-03-17

Egg liked article: 关于 Sky 的几句杂谈 2018-03-16

Egg contributed to game: Project Hospital(医院计划) with:中文名称 2018-03-14

Egg liked user blog: LOVE2D游戏开发日志2018/3/10 2018-03-12

Egg liked article: Esther的游戏手札:#46~50 2018-03-12

Egg made a comment on a blog: 全部代码开源。 2018-03-12

Egg liked user blog: 全部代码开源。 2018-03-12

used the secret force... 2018-03-12

Egg liked article: GMS2摄像机系统指南 2018-03-11

Egg followed: 羞涩の小红豆 2018-03-09

Egg liked group post: 微信小游戏接入和文件管理 2018-03-07

Egg liked news :Kartridge,全新 PC 游戏平台 2018-03-07

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