Max liked article: Freya Holmér 和她的 Shapes 2021-04-01

Max liked article: Ivan Zanotti 与他疯狂的作品 2021-02-27

Max posted a blog: 伯拉勒斯规划分析(关卡分析) 2021-02-13

Max joined group: Unity 2D 开发小组 2020-09-27

Max joined group: 游戏开发组 2020-09-27

Max followed: HybridVM 2020-05-20

Max liked article: 任务设计:关于幸福的生产力 2020-01-30

Max released a new game: Delusion(Demo) 2019-12-13

Max has upgraded to grade: 3 2019-12-13

Max posted a blog: 分析塔防游戏(一) 2019-09-29

Max liked article: 黑魂的输入“陷阱” 2019-07-31

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