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诚一 joined group: Godot-StartUP 2022-04-11

诚一 commented LD 50 There is a fire here. in group: Ludum Dare 2022-04-04

诚一 joined group: 游戏制作兴趣小组 2022-03-25

诚一 joined group: 成都独立游戏开发 2022-01-25

诚一 has upgraded to grade: 3 2021-12-14

诚一 made a comment on an article: Devlog_01 开坑 2021-10-28

诚一 liked user's game: 拾光物语 2021-10-02

诚一 liked user's game: 幻想之国: 伊托亚 2021-08-26

诚一 made a comment on an article: 《幻想之国:伊托亚》大半年的开发心得 2021-08-26

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