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indienova contributed to game: 2weistein: The Curse of the Red Dragon with:游戏 Logo 2021-09-01

indienova followed: misslight 2021-08-05

indienova contributed to game: Hello Charlotte: Childhood's End(你好夏洛特:童年的终结) with:游戏基本信息 2021-06-19

indienova made a comment on news: 来呀,立 Flag 呀! 2021-06-08

indienova contributed to game: Maiden(少女) with:封面图片 2021-02-07

used the secret force... 2020-12-30

indienova joined group: GameDB 添加申请 2020-10-19

indienova made a comment on a blog: 故乡于我——写在HAAK EA版上线前夜 2020-09-15

indienova made a comment on a blog: Hometown To Me 2020-09-15

used the secret force... 2020-03-27

used the secret force... 2020-03-26

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