Heroic biography of the soul

Heroic biography of the soul

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It's a risky game.


  • A rich worldview
  • You can choose your own camp.
  • It has multiple replicas
  • The way of fighting--soul


A 17-year-old girl runs out of the house by heavy exam pressures. However, the moment she opens the door she can see nothing and faint. When she wakes up again, she is lying in the palace. Suddenly he found a beautifully dressed child inside the palace looking at her and smiling. He calls himself the king of the five-leaf-grass dynasty. Will you accept the king's invitation? Your choice will totally change the life of this young girl! 

This game gives you more freedom to choose what plot you want so that you can change the process of the game, and even change the whole subject and central idea of the game. For example, as soon as you enter the game, you will be summoned by the king to destroy the "devil". Nevertheless, in the completion of this task, while performing the tasks of the king, you may find something strange. that may change your mind during the game. Just remember, choose the one that you think is justice. 

Second, I will introduce a new way of fighting: fighting by the soul of cloth. This breaks the conventional way of fighting, there are more interesting weapons, well, clothes will be brought to you. In other words, you can not see the weapon in the shop, only the cloth soul. Once you put on that cloth, you will use that soul as the weapon!

Anyway, this is worthy of a play RPG game, painting Strange, but the story of the content is worth you to ponder. Come on, join us!

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