Arcania: Gothic 4 Готика 4: Аркания / Gothic 4: Genesis / ArcaniA: A Gothic Tale / Arcania Gothic 4 / Gothic 4: Arcania / Arcania: A Gothic Tale

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Arcania is a Fantasy Action game set in a rich world where an entire kingdom’s future is at stake Build your strength and learn the skills needed to become a hero as you challenge a mighty king and uncover his dark secrets. Travel through a land of different climate zones, abundant flora and fauna, subterranean vaults, and unique towns and castles where clouds darken the skies, weather effects such as wind and heavy rain influence an endlessly fascinating game world, day and night cycles, and a stunning display of light and shadow. As you battle the monsters and villains of the land and meet a host of unique characters, will you be able to right the King’s wrongdoings and, above all, what choices will lead you there?

类型: 角色扮演

视角: 第三人称视角

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

模式: 单人

主题: 动作幻想历史开放世界

引擎: Vision



War covers over the Southern Islands like a blood-drenched shroud and finally, War reaches the idyllic isle of Feshyr in the Southern Seas. The protagonist of Arcania: Gothic 4 returns from an adventure to find his home and village torched and looted. The aggressors’ ships - with an Eagle displayed ……显示全部on their billowing sails - escape over the horizon.
Seeking revenge, the hero leaves the destroyed village behind and soon realizes that this cowardly attack did not just happen on a corrupt king's whim. An evil power lies waiting at the threshold of this world, and our hero will need to face this nameless evil. Yet the hero is not alone - his fate is linked to that of a beautiful, mysterious lady as well as a powerful artifact from the long-forgotten distant past.

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Готика 4: Аркания俄罗斯
Gothic 4: Genesis开发代号
ArcaniA: A Gothic Tale开发代号
Arcania Gothic 4Former title
Gothic 4: Arcania其它
Arcania: A Gothic Tale其它


2010-10-12 SteamOS
2010-10-14 Windows 欧洲
2010-10-15 Windows 北美
2010-10-19 Windows 北美
2010-10-19 Xbox 360 北美
2010-10-21 Xbox 360 澳大利亚
2010-10-29 Xbox 360 欧洲
2011-03-24 Xbox 360 日本
2011-04-14 Windows 日本
2015-05-12 PlayStation 4 (PS4) 北美
2015-05-13 PlayStation 4 (PS4) 欧洲




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