Curse of Enchantia

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Long ago in a land far from our own in time, space and dimension, there lived of the most wicked and evil witches that the universe had ever known. They ruled the now forgotten Land of Enchantia. The inhabitants of Enchantia prayed for the day when the evil hold over them would be vanquished and they could finally live in peace.
One of witches had found a spell that would ensure her constant youth. However the main ingredient was a live male child. Male children lived in another dimension, another time, another world. The witch would need a portal and more magic than she possesed. She needed to trick all the other witches in Enchantia into lending her their power so she could make each one young again. She now had enough power to invoke the rejuvenation spell.

On one particular day our hero, Brad was playing baseball with his sister Jenny. Back in Enchantia the evil witch is looking at the field through the portal. Hungrily and excitedly she incants a summoning spell. Back in the field Jenny pitches a ball towards Brad, he swings the bat in a wide arc and....bang!!!

类型: 点击冒险

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模式: 单人

主题: 幻想喜剧