超级森喜刚 3 超级大金刚 3 / DKC3 / Super Donkey Kong 3: Nazo no Krems Shima / Super Donkey Kong 3: Nazo no Krems Shima / DKC3

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

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Monkey Mayhem Lives On!

Kiddy Kong is a portly primate toddler with incredible power and agility! He teams up with Dixie Kong to stop the ever-present army of Kremlings. The game play and ACM graphics just keep getting better in this visually stunning installment in one of the most popular video game series of all time!

Combining their unique abilities as they throw each other into action, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong set off to rescue Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong. Collect tons of treasure, grab billions of bananas and find more secret stuff than you've ever seen (or not seen) as you set off on the greatest DKC adventure yet! The final showdown with KAOS takes place in a cliff-top laboratory at the End of the World. It could get seriously ugly. Monkey mayhem lives on in this exotic island adventure!

类型: 平台动作冒险

视角: 侧面视角

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

模式: 单人多人

主题: 动作




Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have gone missing! As Dixie Kong checks in with the rest of the family, she gets stuck with babysitting duties! But that won't stop her from going on her next adventure!

Play as Dixie Kong or Kiddy Kong solo, against a friend, or with a friend! Take advantage of each of t……显示全部heir unique abilities as they throw each other into action in over 40 levels. There are plenty of collectibles—including Bear Coins, which grant access to the services of the Brothers Bear, and Banana Birds, which Wrinkly Kong has a deep fondness for. You can also call on Funky Kong to build some wild vehicles for you to try to get to places that seem far out of reach. Not to mention there are animal friends to fight at your side! The final showdown takes place in a cliff-top laboratory at the End of the World. Things could get seriously ugly, so you'd better be ready!

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超级大金刚 3别称
Super Donkey Kong 3: Nazo no Krems Shima其它
Super Donkey Kong 3: Nazo no Krems Shima其它别名



1996-11-22 超级任天堂 (SNES)
1996-11-23 超级任天堂 (SFC) 日本
2005-11-04 Game Boy Advance (GBA)
2007-12-24 Virtual Console (Nintendo)
2020-12-18 Nintendo Switch 北美


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