EverQuest: House of Thule EQ HoT / EQ HoT

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House of Thule is the seventeenth expansion for the popular MMORPG franchise, EverQuest.

类型: 角色扮演

视角: 第三人称视角

版本: 发行版本 扩展包

模式: 大型多人

主题: 幻想


EQ HoT其它
EQ HoT其它别名


2010-10-12 Windows


鬼魂 刺客 格斗艺术 打猎 探索 潜行 wizards 训练 魔法 grinding spellbook 幻想 健康 guild summoning 钓鱼 制造 死亡 elves archery jewel 查看全部 + 烹饪 fashion pets 多人在线角色扮演 神话 徒手对抗 religion farming dodge 阅读 在线 人工智能 开放世界 地牢闯关 sacrifice druids decay dancing 道具栏 snakes 坦克 racism teleportation 经济 billiards dwarves 防护盾 resurrection dreams good vs evil arrow alchemy warriors gadgets gods meditation death penalty trolls research BOSS 战 shuriken 多个 BOSS ogres mounts gold necromancy 跳跃 拟人化 flying enemies throwing weapons mask 随机数生成 硬币 attributes rivaling factions 随机掠夺 customizable characters customization 可升级 角色可选择 gorilla 钓竿 主观视角 人类 3D 多边形 color customization 书籍 性感女性 购物 dagger critical hit 武器可升级 掠夺搜集 revive 货币 帽子 盔甲 party system item throw alcoholic beverages backpack 经验点数 active ability 胡子 头盔 载入画面 wasd movement paintings eating 非玩家角色 corpse centaurs coffin bards gem bone instant death important text 角色创建 classes bottle pick your gender reputation disarm duel archer 挥砍武器 bandages questing potion player vs player player vs environment 混战 auto-save 手套 抬头数字显示仪 实时战斗 pants ring a.i. companion blindness revealing attire stat tracking parrying 动物伙伴 damage numbers evade reward sound statue spellcaster ice mustache facial hair multiple gameplay perspectives loading screen advice inconvenient malfunction belt 重生 打击点数 mercenary enemy health indicator map ponytail compass chain mail hunger commerce atheism theft blocking tunic tattoo healer level cap humorous loading screen messages boots cooldowns compass bar flute eye item combination stamina bar armor dye hotkey shape-shifting disguise suicide blunt weapons magically imbued weapons gauntlets necklace lute bag disorientation face tattoo temporary invincibility never-ending merchants reptilian humanoid particle system elements summoners inventory loss kilt stealth kill assist camera control fatigue mana player owned houses super speed half-breed shaved head jump kick mohawk beer breath meter losing experience cloak regenerating health griefing aggro kill stealing levitation idle animations ambient music weaponized musical instruments shirt multiple ammo types taunting plate armor leather armor greaves elemental weapons spam poison beastmasters inebriation emotes invisibility scripted events fire manipulation paladins gnomes halflings half elves smithing pickpocketing necromancers cloth armor dual wielding lock picking lock picks fireworks shrinking characters optional lore bracers silver earrings bracelet breastplate searching corpses throwing knife monks rogues barbarians enemy capture spiritual power hitbox item container musicians monster capturing level down health-consuming attack mortar and pestle heal over time ammo text chat metal armor status effects cartography dark elves invented language magic meter moving bodies stun loss of consciousness berserkers lightning manipulation movement penalty piercing weapons two-handed weapons robe barefoot barrier double attack backstab clerics air manipulation persistent world shaman damage shield riposte debuff begging medicine bag water manipulation brewing bandaging corpse run strafing buff raid crowd control beastmen multiclass damage per second supply and demand hybrid classes cure ailment potion conjuration shield bash rangers illusion gold farming passive ability night vision pay-to-play damage over time alcohol tolerance krono screenshots sitting down evocation sleeves erudites high elves wood elves iksar frogloks tinkering tailoring jewelcraft poisoncraft shadow knights no game pause zones roundhouse kick casting time foraging pottery itemization channeling divination vendor trash aura amphibian humanoid temporary items level by doing ensnaring safe fall double damage copper enchantment body disintegration enchanters haste bait sewing kit placeholders see invisible peridot opal arachnoid tail attack back attack alchemical ingredients interrupt ganking procs shrug lag desperation move dragon kill points song weaving custom ui body hair vah shir drakkin fletching pulling spirit of wolf follow conning no drop items twinking phoboplasms abjuration sense heading baking ingredients platinum fletching kit jeweler's kit vambraces coif



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