光环:最后一战 Halo CE / 光晕:战斗进化 / Halo: Kampf um die Zukunft / Halo: El Combate ha Evolucionado / ヘイロー / Halo 1 / Halo / Halo: CE / Halo: Custom Edition / Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary / Halo CE HD / Halo HD / Halo CEA / Halo: CE / Halo / Halo 1 / Halo: Custom Edition

Halo: Combat Evolved

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A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him.

你的目的:深入发觉 Halo 的神秘恐怖秘密,并且击败人类的共同敌人 - Covenant。

类型: 射击

视角: 第一人称视角第三人称视角

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

模式: 单人多人合作分屏

主题: 动作科幻

引擎: Blam! Engine




最后一战在游戏中呈现了许多不同的战斗方式,从徒步作战到车辆作战,从室内战到室外,从人类战到异形,战战战战!你的目的:深入发觉 Halo 的神秘恐怖秘密,并且击败人类的共同敌人 - Covenant。


评测针对平台:XBOX (MC: 97)。 更多信息准备中,将在近期开放

光环:最后一战 》 的短评 (暂无)



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Halo CE缩写
Halo: Kampf um die Zukunft德语
Halo: El Combate ha Evolucionado西班牙语
Halo 1其它
Halo: CE其它
Halo: Custom Edition其它
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary其它
Halo CE HD其它
Halo HD其它
Halo CEA其它
Halo: CE其它别名
Halo 1其它别名
Halo: Custom Edition其它别名



2001-11-15 Xbox 北美
2002-03-14 Xbox 欧洲
2002-04-25 Xbox 日本
2003-09-30 Windows 北美
2003-10-10 Windows 欧洲
2003-12-03 Mac (苹果) 北美
2003-12-03 Mac (苹果) 欧洲
2007-12-04 Xbox Live Arcade 全球


异形 载具战斗 健康 plasma rifle 第一人称射击 第一人称射击 死亡 军事 机器人 新潮的 重制 科幻 飞行 射击 cyborg religion 战争 成就 时间限制 多结局 undead special forces 人工智能 查看全部 + 夺旗 king of the hill easter egg teleportation space marine good vs evil glitch alien invasion one-man army pilot 载具战斗 爆炸 mounts 死亡竞赛 Xbox 360 控制器 跳跃 男主人公 flying enemies options menu throwing weapons 多人分屏 countdown timer Game Critics Awards 平台独占 rivaling factions customizable characters 语音出演 主观视角 Bink Video 人类 3D 多边形 color customization 性感女性 cults launch titles 第三人称视角 原声音轨 skull 载入画面 crouching wasd movement red vs blue 过场动画 非玩家角色 profanity aural characters hologram jackals 合作游玩 anniversary edition sniping escort mission 检查点 falling damage faceless hero 拯救世界 cowardly enemies auto-aim 混战 准星 auto-save first person melee 手套 抬头数字显示仪 实时战斗 useable vehicles Game Over male antagonist instant kill invisible enemy 友军伤害 betrayal 最终 BOSS 困难关卡 evade low health warning ice facial hair unseen recurring characters pack-in game 重载 重生 双摇杆控制 mercenary kinect support blood splatter destructible cover squad the future weak spot been here before Xbox 向后兼容 waking up at beginning sidekick suicide cutscene equipment mismatch wraith banshee charge mods games on demand gouraud shading dolby digital weapons swap in-game announcer energy weapons speech synthesis multiplayer lan speedrun plot twist team deathmatch kill streak radar E3 2000 linear gameplay tricks meme origin cloak the forerunner the covenant regenerating health aggro camping splash damage kill to death ratio baiting covenant elite double kill ancient advanced civilization technology spartan kill stealing in-engine cinematic plasma pistol whipping dedicated servers covenant grunt idle animations grenade spamming oddball automated grenade throw shield regeneration book tie-in book adaptation enemy reaction alternative blood united nations space command grenade jumping inverted controls camera shift muzzle flash office of naval intelligence ammo counter on weapon mjolnir armor plasma grenade energy sword ma5c assault rifle porting dismemberment light up crosshair body armor circle-strafing scorpion pelican invisibility scripted events weapon slot loadout new game plus knock back propaganda 基于漫画的游戏 kamikaze headshot strategic dismemberment monster infighting enemies that spawn enemies shoot the backpack run 'n gun arrival by crash landing directx mysterious ally hitbox context sensitive games on which anime are based retro graphics toggle frag grenade swarming enemies behind the waterfall trilogy secondary weapons barrier tea-bagging a.i. construct no clip persistent bullet holes random character speech crash landing partners alien languages strafing strafe-jumping environment as weapons ghost recoil horseshoe level design super soldier super suit tripartite conflict fodder enemies waypoint hostile a.i. fleet henchmen sentinel 精选集 machinima let me invert that for you huddie rocket jump stealth camouflage one person drives while the other shoots professional gaming Gamescom 2011 expendable npc novint falcon support unbreakable glass superweapon record breakers plasma pistol united states marine corps last of its kind team killing m41 rocket launcher m12 warthog operation clusterfuck sticking self destruct sequence grenade tag the flood no scope spray and pray 简单模式 flood infection form flood carrier form flood combat form female dropship pilot anti-cheat system button glitches southpaw collective conciousness the great journey 猎人 spartans vs elites space triptych battery charge pistol envy needler 99c-s2 sniper rifle achievement hitching directed escape codependent unlimited revival pax prime 2011 m6d pistol eb games expo australia xfire desperation move played for charity tutorials disguised as diagnostics videography e3 2001 m90 shotgun pillar of autumn major league gaming xbox 360 backwards compatibility human-covenant war fuel rod cannon m9 fragmentation grenade xbox originals spike video game awards 2003 no flashlight while reloading interactive achievement awards 2002 walk of game ecumene srs99d sniper rifle halcyon class cruiser ma5b assault rifle m19 ssm rocket launcher



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