Little Square Things

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  • 独立游戏
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Forget the box. Think outside the whole warehouse!

Little Square Things is a Sokoban-like puzzle game. The objective is simple: Move boxes around to cover up some panels.

But this isn't your father's warehouse. In Little Square Things, you are the boxes. All of them. All of the Square Things respond to your every move, and so it's up to you keep them coordinated, in sync, and in line. Guide them through a series of challenging (and hazardous!) environments to get those panels covered!

It also draws inspiration from games like Brix and Chip's Challenge. From walls to water, from bullets to buzzsaws -- other elements either stand in your way or help you out, depending on your perspective. And different Square Things behave differently. Some follow your commands directly and to the letter, though some slip and slide or laze about until pushed. And some Square Things have to be sacrificed for the greater good. And if that weren't enough, the geometry itself is an obstacle: Boards wrap around, and null spaces literally don't exist.

As a master shepherd of sheep and cats alike, you are the Square Things' beacon of hope in these complicated times.

类型: 策略独立

视角: 上帝视角

版本: EA 抢先体验 游戏本体

模式: 单人

引擎: HaxeFlixel




"My name is Jack. I'm a really, really smart kid. I like to play video games a lot, but I also like to go outside and play sometimes.

We don't have school right now, because it's summer. Some of my friends mow people's yards and shovel snow and stuff to make money. And they get to use it to buy v……显示全部ideo games.

But I'm not that lucky. I have to make money because I spent my mom and dad's money in this free game called Match Cube. I got a lot of skins and loot boxes and extra lives. But the game was supposed to be free! And my parents said that I'm grounded until I pay them back. I can't play video games with my friends or go outside at all.

I had to get a real job. I work in a warehouse. I'm the warehouse keeper's apprentice. They have a bunch of boxes that they have to move around. I don't know why, but they do. But the warehouse keeper makes me do all the work. I have to push all the boxes all over the place. It's really hard, and it's really boring. I don't like pushing boxes! But he's giving me money and I don't want to be grounded anymore.

But one day, I had a really good idea. I'm a smart kid. I invented a ray gun! But this ray gun doesn't shoot people. It shoots boxes! And it makes the boxes move all by themselves! All I had to do is borrow my dad's Gravis gamepad and I use that to tell them where to go.

So technically I'm not using a gamepad to play a video game. They didn't say anything about that!

This is a really good idea. All this stuff I have to do is going to be really easy."

--Jack, a really smart kid

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