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A sinister force now controls the city of Neutropolis. A once-thriving city full of beauty and light, Neutropolis has been reduced to a a stagnant pit of apathy.

类型: 益智解谜冒险

视角: 第一人称视角

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

模式: 单人

主题: 动作科幻



Normality 》 的短评 (暂无)



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Normality 》 的讨论




1996-06-30 PC DOS


机器人 赛博朋克 谜题解决 guitar 机器人 新潮的 谜题 科幻 冒险 button Steam black-and-white 阅读 点击 dialogue trees dancing 像素艺术 paint 道具栏 查看全部 + 小汽车 报纸 easter egg 演唱 pizza bats graffiti glitch hook scissors darkness 树木 爆炸 flags brick 咖啡 数字发行 仅单人游玩 sprite 男主人公 箱子 苹果 垃圾桶 pencil top hat 杯子 laboratory apparatus 硬币 hammer police car 语音出演 scatological humor flies toilet sunglasses feces 手纸 rope 梯子 鱼类 主观视角 cash register mind control 3D 多边形 书籍 pipe bathtub explosives 流行文化提及 game reference rat computer 斧子 bed shelf 帽子 coat saw blade 胡子 shrub message on the wall white noise cardboard box 纸张 paintings photo sink light bulb houseplant window 过场动画 锁闭的门 非玩家角色 electricity fake in-game advertising smoke 桌面 elevator candle warning sign pillow desk brain propeller scalpel rubble id card necktie lightning sprinting basket 钥匙 bench totem pole glasses pressure plate bottle street light fountain staircase ceiling fan microphone alligators resistance barrel 字幕 手套 cigarette baton videotape safe maps poster 游戏中操作另一个操作系统 mustache facial hair office chair couch vomiting clock bulletin board calendar unusual speech patterns electric fan spotlight rug post-credits plot twist underwear belt screen wipe chains map medal video game characters that play video games television refrigerator clipboard gear conveyor belt cheese 2" x 4'' cigar teddy bear lens flare stool confirm menu choices item combination disguise red herring dead end bag hallucination file cabinet wrench traffic cone fire hydrant dystopian world tent radial menu disembodied voice saw unskippable cutscene fuel tank locker traffic light amplifier magazine overweight character improvised weapon CD speaker shopping cart wanted poster water pipe coffee maker towel battery code writing toothbrush oven shirt goggles lava lamp scripted events vent crawling urinal color blindness lock blueprint closing after ending fireworks propaganda satellite dish mallet washing machine bust beans wig groucho glasses footprints sibling rivalry fast travel air duct badge sock living inventory music video matches moving bodies ashtray point of no return screwdriver whistling crank lab coat escape from exploding building bonsai bean bag chair otters rubik's cube night vision goggles paper clip urine kazoo


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