Phantasy Star Online 2: EPISODE6 Stars PSO2 Stars:EPISODE 6 / PSO2: Ep6

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Large-scale update 2019 "Stars: EPISODE 6" will be distributed from Wednesday, April 24! In pursuit of "SF", which is the origin of "PSO2", by fighting the enemy forces "Photoner" and "Flash model" that surpass the technology of Arcs! "Phantom", a new successor class that uses 3 types of weapons, "Katana", "Assault Rifle", and "Rod"! Active as a debuffer class that protects allies with abnormal conditions and attack reduction skills to counter strong enemies! Overwhelm the enemy with a variety of actions centered on technique! And into space! The new eight-person emergency quest "End of Fleet Interception" scheduled to be delivered in late May is the intercept operation of the flash models "End of Fleet"! "A.I.S Vega", the trump card of the Arks counterattack, and equipment for space combat! Overturn the inferiority with the power of the Arcs! In addition to the new episode of "EPISODE 6", new characters will be added and community functions will be enhanced! Go to the flash universe.

类型: 角色扮演砍杀街机

视角: 第一人称视角第三人称视角

版本: 发行版本 扩展包

模式: 多人合作大型多人

主题: 动作幻想科幻



Shiva and her cohorts, Varuna and Mithra, begin their assault on ARKS' forces, starting with an attack on Mothership Xiao. During the raid, Shiva successfully takes over the Mothership and gravely wounds Xiao, forcing ARKS to retreat. To save Xiao, the heroes travel to Amduskia, where Sarah merges a……显示全部 fragment of Xiao's consciousness with the body of a dormant Xion clone named Kashina to grant Xiao a new body.

The player and Matoi are sent to Harukotan to thwart a Luminmech invasion and ally with Sukunahime to ensnare Shiva in a trap, but are tricked into fighting Mithra. Mithra is fatally wounded in battle and dies due to the trap, but Shiva regains the upper hand and defeats the heroes. Phaleg, a member of Mother Cluster, intervenes and rescues the heroes.

Phaleg and ARKS are alerted to a Luminmech attack on Earth, and the player returns to the Earth dimension to assist in the counterattack. The player travels across Tokyo, teaming up with allied forces on the planet as well as ARKS member Aika to repel the Photoners. Following the assault, Xiao reveals to the heroes a plan to use Omega to seal Shiva's abilities on a universal scale.

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