Renegade Racers

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Renegade Racers, a watercraft racing game, has three game modes including arcade, quick race and high score. The modes are further broken down into eight race modes of varying types. In Battle Race, you blast opponents during the race while Check Point Challenge requires reaching checkpoints within pre-set parameters. Other self-explanatory races include Smash & Grab, Treasure Hunt, Head-to-Head and Dodgems. Rounding out the modes are the precision events Air Time and Drop Zone.

The game features three difficulty choices, each with a different number of levels. At the easy setting there are 32 levels while the medium and hard settings have 40 and 48 levels respectively. In arcade mode, you must face increasingly difficult challenges as you complete the levels by meeting pre-determined times, tasks and finish-position parameters. As you complete various levels, a head-to-head challenge mode allows you to race against level bosses, unlocking the race for use in other play modes.

类型: 竞速

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

主题: 动作

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2000-04-09 PlayStation (PS1) 全球


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