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SWAT: GST is a first-person tactical arcade game combining the strategic elements of SWAT 3 with the instantly accessible arcade action of the Virtua Cop series. Like the real-life SWAT organization itself, the SWAT Global Strike Team is a life-saving organization tasked with defending and saving the lives of the innocent. As a member of the SWAT Global Strike Team gamers will be called to duty at a moment?s notice, confronted with missions unlike any seen before.

Founded in 2008, The Global Strike Team is an international offshoot from the SWAT organization tasked with helping countries and organizations around the globe to resolve situations they cannot accomplish successfully on their own.

类型: 射击战术

视角: 第一人称视角

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

模式: 单人分屏

主题: 动作

引擎: BRender



SWAT: GLOBAL STRIKE TEAM was formed in 2008 in response to an unprecedented escalation of threats of violence against civilians around the world by a well-organized and highly ruthless transnational criminal network bent on destabilizing democracy for its own benefit.

In a secret crisis summit of t……显示全部he UN Security Council in Moscow, the leaders of the free world unanimously agreed that the best way to engage this common foe was to form a global police force whose structure could parallel or mirror that of the criminal network itself.

SWAT: GLOBAL STRIKE TEAM is composed of the cream of police officers from the best tactical units in the world, including some who served in OPERATION URBAN JUSTICE in previous years, as well as ex-special forces personnel from various militaries. It is based on the concept that different nationalities with knowledge of local criminal environments can readily pool their intelligence and expertise to anticipate and prevent the enemy from achieving their goals. Those selected for SWAT: GLOBAL STRIKE TEAM do tours of duty around the world before returning to their previous vocations. Most choose to stay...

SWAT: GLOBAL STRIKE TEAM is the muscle, the business end of a worldwide policy to streamline the law enforcement agencies of civilized nations in a sustained effort to coordinate a response to the real threat posed by the criminal network. SWAT: GLOBAL STRIKE TEAM was therefore designed to work alongside more traditional law enforcement agencies and military/defense organizations throughout the world.

You are Mathias Kincaid, a former member of the US Army's elite Delta Force and now a commander within SWAT: GLOBAL STRIKE TEAM. Having volunteered for GST duty, your wish has finally been granted. As element leader, you will be teamed up with two first lieutenants, a sharpshooting sniper named Kana Lee, and Anthony "TJ" Jackson, an excellent field technician.

A major threat to world security has arisen: two rival gangs, the "Omega Cartel" (Executive High Rollers) and the "Whispering Dragon Clan" (Urban Street Warriors) - in reality organizations - are fighting a bitter turf war over the production and distribution of a deadly new designer drug, LD-50 - nicknamed SPIKE. The Omega Cartel owns the production and distribution arm, but the new boys on the street, the Dragons, want to tax the Omega Cartel or gain access to their territory.

This war has spilled out onto the streets of the world's major cities, terrorizing ordinary decent citizens. Airports have been closed down due to bomb threats, waves of car bomb attacks have swept the US, Europe, and the former Soviet Union, and street gunfights have spread beyond LA into the heartland of the US. In several major European cities, huge areas are considered virtual war zones and have effectively been abandoned by conventional police forces.

To meet this threat, a global police response is needed. And so SWAT: GLOBAL STRIKE TEAM is called in with orders to destroy both narco-terrorist organizations.

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