Trick'N Snowboarder

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With a fresh dusting of new powder on the mountain, lock on your board and head down the slope for an incredible downhill experience. Feel the speed and the icy wind on your face as you carve through killer courses and obstacles. Trick’n Snowboarder is a shred-fest of sheer speed and air-catching tricks. Race across the world on 10 international courses in 4 different modes of play.
Vibrant graphics and smooth animation combine with lightening fast game play and responsive controls.
4 Modes of gameplay - Free Mode, Story Mode, Versus Mode and Edit Mode
10 different courses, including Alpine, Half-pipe and Snowboard Park, plus bonus hidden courses
Perform intricate freestyle tricks on your favorite brand of board
Includes bonus hidden characters from other Capcom games

类型: 体育

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

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1999-02-04 PlayStation (PS1) 日本
1999-11-19 PlayStation (PS1) 全球


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