Will Rock

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Will Rock must save his girlfriend from Zeus and his cronies in this fast-paced first-person shooter by Saber Interactive.

类型: 射击

视角: 第一人称视角

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

模式: 单人

主题: 动作幻想

引擎: Saber 3D engine



As the title suggests, the protagonist is Willford Rockwell or Will Rock. Will is an archaeology student, complete with an experienced mentor (Dr. Richard Headstrong,) good build, average looks and a smoking hot girlfriend (Emma) who is also the daughter of his mentor. But when a seemingly uneventfu……显示全部l dig takes a turn for the worse, Will is forced into becoming a one-man army against a fanatic cult known as the Olympian Restoration Army (ORA) who have found a way to bring back Zeus and a boatload of mythological beings from ancient Greece (who all really existed, evidently.)

The ORA then murder Richard, and abduct Emma as a mortal bride for Zeus so that he can gain complete power over the mortal world which, unsurprisingly, drives Will over the edge and leaves him in a rather unpleasant position. Luckily for Will the Titan god Prometheus, who happens to be in the market for recruits to destroy Zeus, was close by. With similar goals in mind, Prometheus imbues Will with power leaving him half-man, half-titan - perfect for Will to exact his revenge and rescue his damsel in distress. Locked, loaded and possessed the player is left to control Will as he storms the lost city of Olympus without fear of the terrors within...

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