Xena: Warrior Princess Xena: Princesse Guerriere

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Die hard fans of the Warrior Princess now can now bring her along wherever they go, thanks to the release of XENA: Warrior Princess. Xena comes to the Game Boy Color with all the thrills and chills the fans of her TV show have come to expect. You take control of Xena as she does battle on land and in the water. Try to master fast-scrolling rides full of dangerous obstacles as you run, jump, climb, and swim your way through 16 pulse-pounding levels of heroic challenges. Use the Game Boy Color infrared ports to hook up with a friend who also has the game and you can unlock special hidden levels in each cartridge. This game could only be more fun if it came with your own chakram.

类型: 砍杀冒险

视角: 第三人称视角

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

模式: 单人

主题: 动作幻想


Xena: Princesse Guerriere法语


1999-09-30 PlayStation (PS1) 北美
1999 PlayStation (PS1) 欧洲
2001-08-13 Game Boy Color (GBC) 北美
2001-09-14 Game Boy Color (GBC) 欧洲
2006-12-15 PlayStation 2 (PS2) 欧洲
2007-01-15 PlayStation 2 (PS2) 澳大利亚



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