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You are just one step away from this enchanting adventure. Don't hesitate, download now and join the Runias!

Runias is mobile running game developed and published by Puura Games.

The objective of the game is to reach the end of each level by controlling a character that can only move from left to right using touch control.

Runias is a 2.5D game where the player swipes the screen to control the character through a level full of obstacles and jumps. It tests the reaction time of the player through a variety of themed levels.

Each character, background and element is equipped with unique and striking designs born from the creativity of the art team. Levels in the game are completed with 2d designs based on 3d blocks. Each design and animation is uniquely created.

The game features 15 different playable levels.

Each of the 5 levels represents a connected main level. 



Runias invites you to a fun, colorful and exciting adventure! In this unique running game, get ready for a challenge as you explore exciting worlds. Get ready for the surprises that await you as you overcome obstacles!

The game's enjoyable and immersive gameplay offers an experience you can't wait to test your speed and reflexes. With simple controls, you can start playing immediately and embark on a fun-filled journey. Different and fun adventures await you in each level.

Along with this, a visual feast awaits you as you explore visually stunning worlds that will challenge your imagination and immerse you in the game!

In addition, the game's beautiful soundtrack and sound effects will immerse you in an anime world, while the rich content of Runias will make your adventure even more impressive.

Runias is waiting for you with its rich content. With regularly updated content, you can constantly discover new things and customize your gaming experience to live every moment to the fullest!

Are you ready? Join Runias and take your place in this unique adventure! Download the game now for a fun-filled running experience and open the doors to an exciting world!"