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开发: Meadow Games
发行: Meadow Games



Single-player action game with massive fantasy battles, that using non-target directional combat system (like in Mount & Blade, Gloria Victis). The game is offer non-stop action with multiple game modes (+ additional match settings). Many units on the map, where each AI has it's own behavior and goals. Also you can try different classes, weapons and runes combination (runes is not available yet), that will be affects your combat style. Also there is the Castle Mode, in which you can create your own castle, recruit units, manage them and fight with other castles. If you wanted even more, then you can always try other creations in Workshop.


  • Workshop Support (SOON) - custom maps, custom weapons, localization and some other things.
  • Fun for Everyone - 3 difficulty levels, ragdoll physics, Third or First person view, many blood, buffs / debuffs effects, Hardcore Mode and many more. Everyone will finds something for yourself.
  • Castle Mode (WORK IN PROGRESS) - create your own castle, recruit members to your battle team and fight with other castles. You can earn gold from battles, upgrade the castle, recruit new units, train them, replace your death or injured allies etc. This all with support custom maps, weapons from Workshop.
  • Different AI types - AIs have different behaviors and goals in each Game Modes, which makes each battle unique.
  • Low-End Hardware Requirement - have an old PC or wants to play on your notebook while travelling? No problem, you can change game parameters, that will be sufficient for the hardware you have.


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