There Was A Dream :: 曾有一个梦

There Was A Dream

开发: Keydare Project
发行: Keydare Project



在 There Was A Dream 中体验神奇的冒险。在一个由你决定的世界里,参与梦境和噩梦之间的史诗性冲突。你可以选择你是哪一方。会是什么:平衡还是混乱?


There Was A Dream 的特点是农场、手工艺、战斗、益智元素和沙盒探索。按照自己的节奏踏上冒险之旅,你的行为将塑造这个世界。

  • 进入一个广阔而充满活力的世界,探索海洋、丘陵和山脉。
  • 你的行为会使游戏世界从梦境变为噩梦,反之亦然。
  • 庞大的库存,可供制作、使用和交易的物品;
  • 有商店和活动的城市和村庄,以及许多值得探索的地方。
  • 升级你的角色,学习新的惊人技能。
  • 为DreamPol工作,从实体中救人,提升等级,为你的水枪升级。
  • 气候事件的昼夜周期。
  • 自定义您的造型,有数千种衣服、颜色和印章的组合。
  • 定制和训练你的马
  • 用很多有用的工具和服务来定制你的帐篷。
  • 与实体和她的噩梦作斗争。
  • 每时每刻都要控制你的猫咪,用它的感官帮助你发现物体。
  • 参加手工制作、钓鱼、打猎和耕作等活动。开车、驾船、骑马、驯马等。

There Was A Dream 的背景是在一个清醒的梦境中。你被 "实体 "选中,这是一种穿梭于梦境维度之间的黑暗力量。它赋予你操纵梦境的力量。实体试图增加它的梦魇大军,而它赋予你的强大力量可以带你完成它的黑暗使命。

About This Game

Experience a magical adventure with There Was A Dream. Take part in the epic clash between dream and nightmare in a world molded by your decisions. You get to choose which side you are in. What will it be: balance or chaos?


There Was A Dream features farming, crafting, combat, puzzle elements, and sandbox exploration. Embark on an adventure at your own pace, where your actions shape the world.

  • Venture into a vast and vibrant world and explore seas, hills, and mountains
  • Your behavior changes the game world from dream to nightmare and vice versa
  • A vast inventory with items to craft, use and trade
  • Cities and villages with shops and activities, along with a lot of places to explore
  • Upgrade your character and learn new amazing skills
  • Work for DreamPol by rescuing people from the Entity, rank up and get upgrades for your watergun
  • Day and night cycle with climate events
  • Customize your look, with thousands of combinations of clothes, colors and stamps
  • Customize and train your horse
  • Customize your tent with a lot of useful tools and services
  • Fight against the Entity and her Nightmares
  • Take control of your Cat in every moment, and use him to help you to discover objects with his senses
  • Take part in activities such as crafting, fishing, hunting, and farming. Drive cars, sail with boats, ride and train your horse, and more.

There Was A Dream is set in a lucid dream. You have been chosen by the Entity, a dark force that travels between the dimension of dreams. It has given you the power to manipulate dreams. The Entity seeks to increase its army of nightmares, and the great power it has given you can take you on its dark mission.
Manage the balance between dream and nightmare and keep the villages safe from the Nightmares. By descending underground you will fight the Entity and its creatures with a system of fighting and puzzles, freeing captured civilians and restoring peace.


If you keep your balance, you can explore a colorful and vibrant world. If you lose yourself, you will wander through a dark and desolate land.


When you're not on your main mission, explore the game world: collect, trade and resell items. Meet new characters and help them in case of need. When you're tired, pitch your tent and restore your energy by crafting lots of useful items. Train and customize your horse, grow the vegetable garden or go fishing. Approach the animals that populate the world, sneaking around or hiding in the bushes. Move around on horseback, by car, boat or train... and by unlocking the right skills, being inside a dream, also through other fantastic ways.


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