Gravity Panda :: 颠倒熊猫

Gravity Panda

开发: Logic Games
发行: Logic Games




《颠倒熊猫》是一款平台过关解密游戏。在游戏中,你可以通过改变角色重力方向,在墙上,滑动条,任何一个静态物体上移动。通过理解很多违反直觉的行为,解开谜底。 游戏共有6章,每章都有独特的环境,独特的解密模式,需要思考才能通过。游戏难度循环渐进,从简到难经过很好的调节。


  • 在游戏中,你可以通过多种方式改变重力方向,通过关卡。
  • 6章迥然不同的游戏环境:
    • 普通环境:改变重力操作既可以过关
    • 传送门与重力桥:需要使用这两种工具并叠加改变重力操作
    • 和影子双人合作:需要控制两个角色,他们同时移动,同时改变重力。
    • 变大变小:可以用多种方式变大或变小
    • 时间:可以用多种方式加速或减速
    • 重力流:在被限制的重力场中无法改变重力
  • 操作比较简单,追求解密性,不求操作性。
  • 游戏设计原则是每一关必须要思考才能过关。

About This Game


Gravity Panda is a platform puzzle game. In the game, you can move on any static object by changing the direction of gravity of the character, on the wall, on the slider bar. Unravel the mystery by understanding many counter-intuitive behaviors. There are 6 chapters in the game. Each chapter has a unique environment and a unique decryption mode that requires thinking many time to pass. The difficulty of the game is gradual, from simple to difficult.

Game Features

  • In the game, you can change the direction of gravity in a variety of ways to pass the level.
  • 6 different game environments:
    • Ordinary environment: only changing gravity can pass levels.
    • Portal and gravity-bridge: you need to use these two tools to pass levels.
    • Cooperate with Shadow: you need to control two characters, they move and change gravity at the same time.
    • Become bigger or smaller: you can use a variety of ways to become bigger or smaller.
    • Time: you can accelerate or decelerate speed in various ways.
    • Gravity flow: gravity cannot be changed in a restricted gravity flow.
  • The operation is relatively simple, pursuing declassification and not seeking operation.
  • The principle of game design is that every level must be thinking some time to pass.


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