Bouncing DVD : The Game :: Bouncing DVD : The Game

Bouncing DVD : The Game
Bouncing DVD : The Game

开发: RoomsForRockets
发行: RoomsforRockets



It's a simple concept, get the DVD to the corner of the screen. The feeling of joy once you get it there is what makes this game so fun and addicting.

Bouncing DVD : The Game is based on a bygone tech where you put silver circles into a plastic box and you could watch movies!
This system was brilliant and even more so of the discovery of a feature when the logo on the idle screen, would... one in a blue moon, hit the corner of the screen. Thousands of flip phone recordings show the moment when this very event happens. Blah blah blah, that time is over...


Now you can take control of the DVD logo and try to hit the corners. Your controls are limited so it takes real skill and maybe a bit of luck to even get 5 corner hits!

The world record, set by yours truely is 5000. Can you beat it?

This game is a free to play timewaster. Enjoy it, loathe it and uninstall it. That's what we did!


We have one review-sounding comment from one of our playtesters which perfectly sums up the game, which we will leave you with now...

""dangerously mediocre levels of fun"


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