Interrogation: You will be deceived :: 讯问:你将被欺骗

Interrogation: You will be deceived

开发: Critique Gaming
发行: Mixtvision



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  • 你要解开复杂艰深的对话谜题,查询恐怖阴谋的真相
  • 你需要综合考虑事件解决、队伍预算和管理、普通群众对你们的评价等因素
  • 你的选择会导致不同的结局
  • 登场人物多达35人以上,他们拥有复杂又真实的个性
  • 真人演出和应景的音乐给你带来真实的体验


为了检举恐怖组织“The Liberation Front”,你要管理有限的预算、和队伍成员一起收集情报,还要应付媒体的追问。然而事情不止是这些。



“The Liberation Front”是没那么容易对付的。


『Interrogation: You will be deceived』以恐怖行为,警察暴力,公民、国家、大企业之间的权力不平衡,等现代社会的各种问题为题材,是一款故事性极强的对话型解谜游戏。本作像『This War of Mine』『Papers Please』『This is the Police』以及『Orwell』等游戏一样,是向玩家的道德观和意识形态提出挑战,暴露现实社会问题的作品。

About This Game

Talk to us!

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About the Game

  • Explore deep and increasingly difficult conversational puzzles to get to the bottom of a terrifying conspiracy
  • Show your management skills balancing your cases, team, budget and the police force’s relationship with the public
  • Reach one of multiple world-defining endings - where will your choices lead you?
  • Meet over 35 complex and realistic characters
  • Immerse yourself in the expressive noir art based on real actor footage and atmospheric music


In the pursuit of terrorist organization The Liberation Front, you have to coordinate your team to gather information, manage your limited budget and deal with the press hot on your heels for a good story. But that is only half of it:

Your main task as lead investigator is interrogating suspects. Understanding their backgrounds, and thus their motivations, is key in choosing whether intimidation, guile or empathy is the right approach. There is no universal solution – but the clock is ticking relentlessly.

As you’re closing in on the true culprits and your suspects are getting more resistant, the interrogations become increasingly difficult. Uncover the truth through complex conversations, psychological manipulation and other techniques.

The Liberation Front will not be easily dismantled.

The game’s purpose

Interrogation is a narratively immersive convo-puzzle game that challenges common preconceptions about highly relevant contemporary subjects like terrorism, police brutality and the power imbalances between citizens, the state and large corporations. The game follows in the footsteps of games like "This War of Mine", "Papers Please", "This is the Police" and "Orwell" in that it tries to raise important moral, ideological and practical questions in the minds of the players.



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