Code S-44: Episode 1 :: Code S-44: Episode 1

Code S-44: Episode 1
Code S-44: Episode 1

开发: Little Bot Studio
发行: Little Bot Studio



    比跑酷更有趣: 用独特的控制任意攀爬需要潜入5个高度戒备的关卡超过1小时的故事剧情推动游戏

你是一位能攀爬到任何地方的电子蜘蛛,代号 S-44。
为了拯救你的好友 S-12,你需要顺着最底层的贫民窟潜入戒备森严的高楼建筑之中,这一切都将发生在这个奇幻而危机四伏的城镇 New Bot City。

S-44 装备了家乡的最新装置,可以抵抗重力!去你想去任何地点而不受限制:墙壁、天花板、...

在 New Bot City,你既有朋友也有敌人,避免监视摄像头、警卫和无人机以便潜入时不被抓住!

About This Game

  • Better than parkour: climb everywhere with unique controls
  • Sneak into 5 heavily guarded levels
  • More than one hour of story driven gameplay

You are S-44, a pretty cool spider-bot able to climb everything.
Sneak your way from the deepest slums to the highest heavily guarded buildings in order to save your best friend in the fantastic but dangerous town of New Bot City.

S-44 is equiped with the latest gear from his homeland and can defy gravity ! Walls and ceilings won’t be a limit : go wherever you want !

New Bot City is filled with friends but also with foes. Avoid cameras, guards and drones in order to sneak around the districts without getting caught!


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