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中世纪君主 Medieval Monarch

开发: Mr.Lordy
发行: Mr.Lordy





  • 1.游戏目前尚不完整,有些许功能还不完整,比如探险功能,但是我自己挖的坑我一定会慢慢填补上。由于我一个人开发,进度可能相对会比较缓慢,加之发售后的BUG修复和数据平衡,还请希望各位给点时间让我慢慢填补。
  • 2.我本身也是一个P社玩家,做的此游戏是想将心中所想表达出来,在自己力所能及的程序技术下做到自己想要的功能。
  • 3.游戏与P社游戏有一些本质上的区别,并不是玩大地图操作,游戏中也没有CK2中的家族功能,并且数据并不是透明化,不会告诉你为什么这个人跟你的好感是负的是什么原因造成的,游戏中的数据只会显示出一个结果,其造成数据结果的原因是玩家种种行为的最终结果。而游戏的玩法是在一张张背景图下切换进入不同的场景进行游戏,玩法上更贴近皇帝这款游戏。在游戏刚开始对外公布的时候,很多人看了宣传片都说,为什么我不直接去玩CK2而玩这个呢?对的没有错,这款游戏确实无法与CK2相比,所以我尽可能的在制作一款与CK2不同的游戏,尽可能的区别于CK2,做一些特有的功能,让其在操作和游戏侧重点上区别开,这是我一直在努力的方向。
  • 4.游戏由于精力和经济有限,UI目前真的是饱受诟病,目前将所有的精力全部放在了代码功能上,而UI将在后期有条件的情况下进行改善,在这里表示暂时对不住各位的眼睛了。
  • 5.游戏不会发售任何收费的DLC,我心目中的1.0是所有功能完全才叫1.0。但是会出一些免费的扩展内容,其可以直接通过steam平台开关功能而使得玩家选取自己想要的功能,同时通过评论也可以直观的知道相关内容的好坏。
  • 6.游戏目前的头像是2D卡通风格的,另外一套头像目前正在制作和测试中,同时插图的数量仅仅才20+,导致很多事件的插图肯能会出现图表达不对的意思。成就虽然已经做了,但是数量还不够暂切不开放,至于创意工坊暂时也不开放,后期版本趋于稳定后进行相关制作,还请谅解。



  • 你可以任命你的内阁官员,宫廷教师。

  • 修改国家税法、继承法、军事服役法、宗教法律等。

  • 召开封臣会议以及内阁会议,他们会提供一些良好的建议。

  • 平衡各个派系封臣的支持度以获取执政帮助。

  • 各个行会可以提供不同的帮助,但是小心他们势力过大。

  • 利用外交交互与封臣,其他国家领主或统治者进行利益交换。

  • 管理自己封地的人口和田地,扩建建筑以发展经济。

  • 平衡封地中各职业的人口以达到收益的最大化。

  • 封地的人口不同职业将带来不同的影响。

  • 聘请宫廷教师,或者自己培养子嗣。

  • 国家稳定的动态改变,将受到许多相关联的数据的影响。

  • 处理好继承人与其他子嗣间的矛盾,防止王位继承战争。

  • 通过生活功能提高自己的属性。

  • 探险、打猎、读书、装备打造、格斗、比赛等功能。

  • 发布王室公告集资建造建筑或者聘请人员。

  • 时刻关注王室守卫变动,防止暗杀。

  • 扩张国家领土巩固势力,提高国家情报以获取更多领主的信息。

  • 详细的人物生平情报记录,这需要情报的支持。

  • 不同的人物特质,爱好与心情。

  • 丰富的事件,需要做出选择,不同的特质将会影响选择后领主的心情。

  • 制定计划进行阴谋活动。

  • 动态的法理领土归属、家族变更。

  • 一些内置的休闲小游戏。

















About This Game

Be Lord or Not

Thanks to everyone who is about to become the Lord of Lords, open my store page.
After you have seen the pictures, promotional videos and introductions and want to buy, please read the following paragraphs, hoping to avoid unnecessary refunds and other problems that cause unpleasant games.

  • 1. The game is not complete yet, but I will slowly fill in the pits I dig myself. Since I am developing on my own, the progress may be relatively slow. In addition, after the release of BUG repair and data balance, please hope that everyone will give me some time to fill it up slowly.
  • 2. I am also a P company player. This game is made to express what I want in my heart and achieve the functions I want with the program technology I can do.
  • 3. There are some essential differences between the game and the P agency game. It is not to play large maps. There is no family function in CK2 in the game, and the data is not transparent. It will not tell you why this person told you What is the negative reason for this? The data in the game will only show one result, and the reason for the data result is the final result of the player's various behaviors. The game is played by switching to different scenes under the background images one by one, and the gameplay is closer to the emperor's game. When the game was first announced, many people watched the promotional video and said, "Why don't I just go to CK2 and play this?" Right, this game is really not comparable to CK2, so I try to make a game that is different from CK2 as much as possible, different from CK2 as much as possible, and do some unique functions to make it operate and play side. Differentiating in emphasis, this is the direction I have been working on.
  • 4. Due to the limited energy and economy of the game, the UI is really criticized at present. At present, all the energy is focused on the code functions, and the UI will be improved in the later conditions. I'm sorry for your eyes for the time being.
  • 5. The game will not sell any charged DLC. In my mind, 1.0 is called 1.0 because all functions are completely. However, there will be some free extensions, which can directly switch on and off the steam platform to enable players to choose the features they want, and at the same time, they can intuitively know the quality of the relevant content through comments.
  • 6. The current avatar of the game is 2D cartoon style. Another set of avatars is currently being produced and tested. At the same time, the number of illustrations is only 20+. As a result, the illustrations of many events may appear to be incorrect. Please also understand. [/ list]
    Finally, thanks to everyone who helped me during the development process.
    Translated from Google.

    About the Game

    Medieval monarch is a recreational strategy simulation game, to a medieval ruler's perspective on the game.You can train your own heirs, balance factions among vassals, interact with other lords, manage fief populations, go out on expeditions, hunt, exercise your abilities, appoint officials to help you manage the country, and make a lot of decisions!

    • You can appoint your ministers, your courtiers.

    • We will revise the national tax law, inheritance law, military service law, and religious law.

    • Hold bannermen meetings and cabinet meetings, and they will give some good advice.

    • Balance the support of vassals of various factions to get help in governing.

    • Guilds can help in different ways, but beware of them becoming too powerful.

    • Use diplomatic interaction to exchange interests with vassals, lords or rulers of other countries.

    • To manage the population and fields of one's fief, and to expand buildings to develop the economy.

    • Balance the population of the various professions in the fief to maximize revenue.

    • The population of the fief will have different effects depending on the occupation.

    • Hire court teachers, or raise their own children.

    • The dynamics of stability in a country will be affected by a lot of related data.

    • Deal with the conflicts between heirs and other heirs, and prevent the war of succession to the throne.

    • Improve your attributes through life functions.

    • Exploration, hunting, reading, equipment building, fighting, competition and other functions.

    • A royal proclamation raising money to build a building or hire a man.

    • Keep an eye on royal guard changes to prevent assassinations.

    • Expand the territory of the state to consolidate power, improve national intelligence to obtain more information about the Lord.

    • Detailed biographical information of the characters, which needs to be supported by intelligence.

    • Different characters, hobbies and moods.

    • Rich event, need to make a choice, different characteristics will affect the Lord's mood after the choice.

    • Make plans to carry out conspiracies.

    • Dynamic legal theory of territorial ownership, family changes.

    • Some casual games built in.

    Function on arrangement

    Title acquisition or union after marriage.

    Religious differences.

    Jihad between different religions.

    The last wishes of the ruler after his death.

    Family honor spirit.

    Differences in fiefdoms.

    More little games.

    Thoughts in my head, but not yet

    Trade resources.

    Different forms of government.

    Substantive parliamentary voting function, canvassing, interest exchange.

    History reversed the Roman empire and even the Roman republic.

    Mercenary knights、Oders.

    Thanks to the friends who helped in the development!Without your help, we may not know when it will be released!
    Thank you very much!


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