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Cyberprank 2069
Cyberprank 2069

开发: Cyberpath
发行: Cyberpath


Blues of a metropolis of the future attracts strange people and madmen from all over the galaxy. Cyberprank 2069 is a sandbox game. True simulation of life in the world of the future.

In 2069, In the area of ​​the city found traces of an escaped android, which is no different from a human. Now it is cyberghetto. The protagonist is a cyber-cop. His task is to find the escaped android. You have to use all your detective skills to detect the android. Interrogate all suspects. Provoke them. Anyone who remains in this cyber ghetto can be an android. Hardboiled detective story will impress all fans of science fiction.

Pay attention

Honestly, this game is a complete idiocy. You just walk along few streets and communicate with different people, mostly drunk robots in business suits. Not for the faint of heart and not for too serious.

Main features

  • An open world
  • Nonlinear narration
  • Sweet graphics
  • Many options in dialogs
  • Game physics. Break the personal space of any NPC
  • Cyberpunk style

this game has no connection with Cyberpunk 2077. All characters and events in this game are purely fictional.


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