Songs of Skydale :: 斯凯蒂尔之歌

Songs of Skydale

开发: Kaskuja Studio
发行: Kaskuja Studio

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Songs of Skydale is an adventure game with hack-and-slash combat and RPG elements. The game starts with a classic adventure game opening when a player arrives at the Kingdom of Skydale with the hope of a new beginning for his life. Straight away, the player gets involved in various events and quests in the Kingdom of Skydale. As the game progress, the player faces different characters, items, enemies, dungeons and even some puzzles!

Songs of Skydale is a game by a player for players. The idea of the game is to give players a sense of adventure without too much hand-holding, so be prepared! This game does not have quest markers or GPS-style maps. Players must navigate using paper maps and information provided by the quest givers. The game can be saved only in certain locations, which are mostly located in inhabited areas. If players enter uninhabited areas, they must be ready to fight against various enemies and survive until they can reach the next safe area. There is no hp generation in the game, so it is strongly recommended that players get some potions before entering unknown lands!

The game offers fast-paced hack-and-slash style combat, which is strongly based on player skill. Correctly timed attacks, blocks and dodges are the keys to success. Combat is supported by skills and items designed to have very little restrictions. There are no classes in the game—players can choose skills freely from 15 different options. Players can choose to be a warrior (high damage), tank (high hp, block, and defense), mage (high mana), assassin (high critical-hit damage) or any mix of these. The game has nine active item slots. Players can assign any item for any slot. This means that if a player wants, there could be nine armors in nine of the item slots. The skill system, combined with the item system, gives players many options to shape the character stats to their liking.


 Game Time: 6–15 hours
 Open world
 Hack-and-slash style combat
 16 different quests
 10 different dungeons
 45 different items
 11 passive skills
 4 spells
 No hp regeneration
 Paper maps
 Saves: Only in specific locations; no quick save


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