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Obsidian Crown
Obsidian Crown

开发: Pipkin Studios Limited
发行: Pipkin Studios Limited



‘Obsidian Crown’ is a top-down, roguelite shooter for Windows / PC that doesn't require the player to kill everything in sight! Featuring Pixel graphics and a unique ‘karma’ game mechanic, Obsidian Crown challenges each player to find the right balance of weapons in order to complete the game, save planet Earth, and rescue your beloved pet! You must survive the myriad creatures and devices that want to harm you, while showing your captors that humanity is capable of mercy.

Fortunately the cosmic beings that control the multiverse have provided some useful ‘trinkets’ for you to use in your quest for survival. They range from projectiles weapons that destroy your enemies, to defensive weapons that improve your karma and help to light your way.

The choice is yours, kill your enemies but reduce the amount of light and speed, or boost your speed and light by using the harmless ‘bubble guns’. May you have fun and adventures on your journey!

(Configurable Controls WASD + Mouse OR Windows compatible Xbox gamepad)
*Please note, you may have to change your Steam settings controller to ' generic gamepad configuration support'. It's also beneficial to remove your gamepad if you're using keyboard and mouse controls instead :)


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