Little Dungeon Stories :: 小小地牢

Little Dungeon Stories

开发: David Moralejo Sánchez
发行: GrabTheGames

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  • 一场难以预测的地牢冒险 – 每一层的地牢都有着不同的物品,怪物,死亡陷阱以及各式各样的诅咒,在探索的途中不要忘了要保持良好的生命值,能量值,理智值以及你的金币袋子
  • 附魔物品 – 发现魔法物品,强力武器以及盾牌以应对突然出现的危机
  • 商店 – 在商店中选购你需要的物资,不过可不要把自己的钱包榨干哦
  • 状态加成-地牢是危险的,但这是远远不够的,敌人,物品以及你做出的行动都会影响到角色的状态,进而影响你做出的判断
  • 解锁更多的种类,武器以及伙伴 – 随着游玩时长的增多,你会解锁更多的卡片以及地牢的更多内容
  • 探索墓穴 – 探索五种不同的区域以及各自对应的危险,例如怪物,独特的Boss以及..陷阱

About This Game

Little Dungeon Stories is a pixel art roguelike card-based game inspired by adventure, combat and RPG games such as Zelda, Enter the Gungeon & Reigns.

A recent rumor says that a certain crypt keeps an unfathomable treasure. While a handful of intrepid adventurers have already ventured into the cave, none have returned and now their souls travel within this deep dungeon. Without being intimidated by danger, you enter the crypt...

  • An Unpredictable Dungeon - Each floor of the Dungeon brings you new items, monsters, deadly traps, all types of curses, and areas to explore as you try to keep your Health, Energy, Humanity, and your Money to the maximum.
  • Enchanted Items - Discover magic items, powerful weapons, and shields to combat the imminent dangers.
  • Shops - Replenish with the stores you find, but be careful not to spend more than you owe...
  • Status effects - The dungeon is dangerous, and as if that were not enough, enemies, items and actions will make your character suffer different status effects that will change the way you play.
  • Unlockable classes, Weapons, & Companions - The more you play, the greater the chance you'll unlock new cards and content within the Dungeon.
  • Explore the Crypt - Explore five unique areas each with their own set of dangers such as monsters, unique bosses, and traps.


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