Little One - A Visual Novel :: Little One - A Visual Novel

Little One - A Visual Novel
Little One - A Visual Novel

开发: Dim Sum One
发行: Giiku Games



Experience a unique adventure in this Anime visual novel set in the 1900s. Take care of an orphan boy with a secret past and nurture him through different plot choices and skill options.

"Can you take him in for a while?" - One fateful night a friend who I have not seen for many years drops by with an orphan boy and asks me to take him in. Suddenly I have to take care of a child! And not just any child - there seem to be some hidden secrets bubbling just beneath the surface of that innocent face. It's time to look for answers.

- Choose from a variety of skills to build Jake's character

- Hone your skills carefully - you never know when they'll come in hand throughout the story!

- Build your relationship by choosing the right dialogue options...and see how everything unfurls if you choose wrongly.

- Create a daily schedule to use your time wisely before it runs out!

- Look forward to various exciting story endings

A timid, polite and scared orphan boy with a mysterious past who needs someone to take care of him.

My childhood friend who suddenly turns up in the middle of the night with this orphan boy and then heads off into the city again, where he works as a doctor.

A friendly book shop owner who has lost her voice but is always willing to help.


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