Mermaid Colony :: 美人鱼圣地

Mermaid Colony

开发: M. Hanka
发行: Liu Lidan





  • 在海洋深处的山脉上建造一个繁荣的王国。 为了使美人鱼王国更加繁荣,你需要使用海底的资源。收集矿石,采集水草、藻类和贝类,种植巨藻林,猎杀海洋动物,如水母和巨虾。通过仔细地经营管理经济、产品线和销售网络,慢慢地扩张王国。
  • 照顾美人鱼的幸福生活。 美人鱼拥有不同的职业和需求。饲养繁殖海龟和海马可以使美人鱼们更方便地出行。为美人鱼提供住宅和工作场地以及食物,适合的工具和资源是保持人鱼们健康及信仰的必需品。美人鱼们的精神状态和食物需求一样重要。
  • 奇怪可怕的敌人威胁王国。 巨大、古老的怪物正在不断蔓延,并导致不断发生地震。你需要勤奋地保护所有建筑物。保护边界,以防止怪物像肿瘤一样地蔓延黑暗。敌人会吞噬一切生命,并使一切陷入黑暗。
  • 海神赋予你魔法。 你通过扩大王国及传播信仰获得更多的能力。祭祀将通过歌唱和舞蹈仪式帮助你保持信仰。迅速使用魔法咒语可以使你战胜凶险。你可以快速地攻击,直接改变周围环境,大幅度改善美人鱼的状态。获得足够的力量,你将最终击溃并战胜可怕的恶魔!

About This Game

Descend into the dark depths of the ocean and rebuild a mythical colony of mermaids. At the bottom of the sea an ancient horror slowly awakens...

Mermaid Colony is an atmospheric survival strategy game. You're granted godlike powers to guide the mermaids in a battle between light and darkness.

  • Build a thriving colony on top of a mountain deep in the sea. In order for the mermaids to prosper you have to make use of the rich marine flora and fauna. Mine minerals. Farm seagrass, algae and mussels. Lumber large kelp forests. And hunt sea creatures like jellyfish and giant shrimps. Slowly expand the colony by carefully managing its economy, production chain and distribution network.
  • Care for the wellbeing of the mermaids. They all have different professions and needs. Breeding sea turtles and horses as riding animals enables them to get around more easily. Providing them with housing and workplaces as well as food, the right tools and resources is essential for maintaining their health and faith. The spiritual condition of the mermaids is as important as keeping them fed.
  • A strange and horrific enemy is infesting the colony. This giant, ancient entity is spreading out and causing sporadic earthquakes. So be diligent in your maintance of all buildings. Guard your borders against the grim monsters emerging from dark, tumorous growths. The enemy is shrouding everything into darkness and is extinguishing all life.
  • A sea god grants you divine powers. You gain more abilities with increasing population and faith. Priestesses will help you to keep up morale by performing singing and dancing rituals. The swift use of magic spells allows you to overcome threatening situations. You can quickly react to attacks, directly shape surroundings and drastically improve conditions for the mermaids. Gain enough power and you'll be able to force the dark horrors finally back.


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